Friday, January 22, 2010

Vimanika after a year!

It was about a year ago that Mumbai-based Karan Vir Arora got the idea of opening an Indian comics company on the lines of international pop culture giants like DC comics, Marvel, and Dark Horse comics.

Thus came along Vimanika, an Indian comics company that publishes comics and graphic novels based exclusively on Indian mythology. Karan Vir Arora, director and editor-in- chief, Vimanika, believes that it wasn’t only the scarcity of Indian comic companies that propelled this venture.
It was a three-point agenda that included educating the youth around the world about Indian culture, heritage and spiritual values, the need to share the art of narration and visualisation to the world, which his brother indoctrinated in him from childhood.

“And we wanted our graphic novel titles to be created into live action movies and animated movies à la like Frank Miller’s 300, Superman and Batman,” he adds.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tale of a warrior

The Karna story in the Mahabharata has always fascinated people.

Amitabh Bachchan's angry young man persona in the Seventies is an avatar of Karna — he is a victim of society, a skilled, resourceful warrior and generous to a fault. Karna is the archetypal anti-hero. So, it came as no surprise that Vimanika Comics chose this tragic character as the protagonist for its graphic novel series, The Sixth: The Legend of Karna. The slim, colourful book with its spirited illustrations was recently launched.

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