Friday, November 20, 2009

Vimanika Jai Ho!

Vimanika has done it again. On October 21, Vimanika launched what is perhaps one of its most prestigious projects till date – 'The Sixth-The Legend of Karna' - a graphic novel based on the firstborn son of Kunti who would go on to play a significant legendary role in the mother of all battles – the Mahabharata.

Compartmentalized into two sections, 'The Legend...' traces the genesis of Karna, borne of the union of Kunti, the daughter of King Kuntibhoj and Surya, the Sun God, thanks to a boon granted to Kunti by Durvasa, the mean-tempered sage.

The story is brought to life by superb graphics and riveting dialogues. Quite a lot of research has gone into the making of the legend, which becomes apparent as one traverses the pages, on a mythological trip.

The first section deals with the return of the young multi-millionaire Karan Vir Oberoi who has mysterious experiences – he has recurring dreams of a mythical Indian warrior who chants Sanskrit shlokas. While in Chicago on a business trip, he is set upon by assailants, none of which make any sense to Karan. However, his curiosity is piqued and as per his mother's suggestion, he sets out to India to seek answers.

'The Legend..' is the first Indian graphic novel to debut in the US; it shall be released in fifteen more volumes. Vimanika also has plans to enter the mobile platform as well as gaming and animation soon.

Concept: Karan Vir Arora
Script: Deepam Chatterjee
Art: Amit Thayal
Colorist: Ashwin C