Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vimanika’s graphical tryst with Karna

The December 8 launch of the 'Legend of Karna' received some excellent media coverage. Here are some excerpts from the many nice things Bangalore Mirror said about
Vimanika Comics as well as Karan Vir Arora, its tour de force:

"The scene is the present. The protagonist is from way back. Karna, the unfortunate hero of The Mahabharata, comes back as a contemporary reincarnation in the form of business tycoon Karan Vir. Never mind that it is also the name of the man behind the latest graphic novel The Sixth: The Legend of Karna. Karan Vir Arora, editor-in-chief of Vimanika Comics, hopes to give Indian mythology a graphic novel treatment.

He explains, “Graphic novels are visually appealing with very colourful pictures. They are in book format and have thicker pages than comics. I realised that there was a vacuum of new concepts as big publication houses continued with the same old style of comics. I felt that readers were getting bored and so decided to introduce mythology in this form. I aim to create mythology and comic cult in India.”

The report goes on to explain the scenes behind the creation of this graphic novel, dwelling upon the efforts of Deepam Chatterjee, its writer as well Amit Thayal, the man in charge of the graphics themselves.

karan Vir himself shed light on the upcoming issue saying: “The next book will pick up when Karna is 12-years-old. The story of Karna is unravelled to his present day reincarnation,
Karan Vir."

Tryst with graphic Karna: Read the complete article here

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