Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evolution of Vimanika

I have been fortunate to be a part of a revolution called Vimanika since its inception. I met Karan even before the zero editions of the Moksha and the Sixth were released. You tend to size up the other person in your first meeting and I did the same. To me Karan was running a one man show. He was enthusiastic and passionate about his work but still a greenhorn. I asked him to diversify and venture into different genres. He refused and struck to Indian mythology. I thought he is taking a big gamble but he proved me wrong.

This led me to analyse the core philosophy of Vimanika. They wished to promote Indian culture and instill a sense of pride among its audience. They believed that superheroes in our mythology are better role models than the fictional super heroes created by western counterparts. Their philosophy has so far won them numerous awards and more are to follow.

After the initial reverses in team composition, finally team Vimanika has a settled look to it. The story telling is getting better with each title and the artwork has jumped several notches. The buzz around each title is getting bigger and this stands as a testimony to Vimanka's soaring popularity among its fans. Exciting new titles are about to make their debut. “I am Kalki” has been officially announced and the teaser promotion has generated a lot of interest among the fans.

What do we expect from team Vimanika? For sure, you can expect Avante grade artwork, engrossing storyline and more in depth & authentic knowledge of our glorious past. The revolution in Indian comics industry has been initiated. Sit tight, as we embark into a journey to our glorious past.

(The opinion in this post has been made by an avid fan who has studied the Indian comics industry from close quarters for the past few years.)

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