Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vimanika Juniors

Vimanika is synonymous with graphic novels based on Indian Mythology. The enthusiastic response from our fans has validated the hard effort we put in our work. The entire team at Vimanika thanks our fans with the bottom of our heart. For some time we have been toying with an idea but we will like to take an opinion from our fans.

Would you like to like to read the exploits of our super heroes when they were kids in comics format? Have you read about Lord Krishna’s leela at gokul or the exploits of a naughty lord Hanuman who was determined to swallow the sun? Do you know How Hanuman acquired the Name? Not many people know that he was previously called Anjaneya? The birth of Lord Ganesh and his duel with Lord Shiva is legendary.

Contrary to fictitious stories churned out by various serials our series will be well researched and completely authentic. Opinion of every Vimanik will be considered before we plan a new series.

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