Thursday, May 20, 2010

Selling Books vs Promoting Indian Culture

No one starts a venture to make a loss. So how does Vimanika differ from other comics publishing houses? The one significant difference we have with our counterparts is our vision.

What is the vision of Vimanika comics?

The vision of Vimanika Comics is to promote Indian mythology and culture among Indian Kids and youth. The kids and the youth are the future of the country. The culture they imbibe shall be instrumental in determining the identity of our nation.
Look around. In a bid to appease our western counterparts we have belittled our own civilization. We don’t take pride in our culture. Our history is full of exploits of warriors and wisdom of sages. Yet we choose to look up to imported superheroes as role models. Vimanika hopes to reverse this trend. We shall pursue our goal relentlessly until the mission is accomplished. Our stories will have a contemporary feel without diluting the ethos of these stories. The research tem comprises of scholars who have devoted their life exploring the Indian Culture.

So as a reader what is your role? How can you support us in our mission? Is it enough to buy the books? No; never.

Imbibe the virtues depicted by our glorious ancestors. Eg. Karna is the epitome of sacrifice. He is hailed as a great warrior despite being vanquished. Spread the word about our culture. Introduce them to the world of Vimanika where the culture is represented in the true form.

Let us leave a better legacy for our future generation.

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  1. I appreciate your hardwork in launching indian mythology. Especially the Moksha since I am big fan of Lord Hanuman.